In the beginning, there was but one, A song of creation, sung to the nothingness that was the void. Across the lands of lore it spread, creation begetting creation, from life to life, the return to song . . .


"Many together, as one, they came (their order had been preordained). For Such was the source of their strength; Such was the very (will of Ololom):"

"The first wind is Thon, that gives (form / matter)..."

"The second wind is Adami,
that gives (remote awareness)..."

"The third wind is Adro, that gives (pattern / stability)..."

"The fourth wind is Hethkys, that gives the right time..."

"The fifth wind is Moloff, that gives (true rhythm)..."

"The sixth wind is Espos, that gives (irreversible movement)..."

"The seventh wind is Rakle, that gives (entropy / chaos)..."

"The eighth wind is Jomot, that gives (wrong feeling)..."

"The ninth wind is Odeth, that gives ending (death)..."