A story wound a thousand years ago by the tempestial chords of fate, embracing all the peoples of the world of Lein. The tale spans, rippling through the stream of time, its course at once never clear, but its flow forever constant and unfailing.


FAREN: A DRAGON'S TALE is an original screenplay set in a fictitious world known as "Lein", written and produced by MODUS Productions and funded by MECCA publications. On this website, you shall find the story itself, as well as the accompanying media (music, animation, artwork and such) intended to enhance the experience of its reading.
    FAREN is about growing up -- about casting away the saftey and comfort of perception through expectation (what is "taught" and "known") for the understanding of experience, mischance and adversity. The old adage "know that you know nothing--this is the first step toward attaining true wisdom" serves as a basis for this exploration, and some of the motivation behind our tale. On a bit of a side note, music is an integral part of FAREN's story. A great deal of the mythos we have created in the tale's inception is centered on the emotion that is invoked by music, from the chords of the eight planes, to the strings of Aeriana Goodtree's magical Ona, As such, periodically, you shall find musical samplings available throughout the story in either midi or MP3 format. If you are able, it is recommended you take these in with your reading, your experience may be the better for it.
As always, we hope you enjoy this work, which we have endeavored to produce in the highest quality.