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[10/07/2006] FALL UPDATES

   Our latest Fall update includes some noteworthy additions: A new version of the EVA-R trailer has been added to the multimedia section, featuring a full range of foley and voice work. Voice actors who graciously contributed their time and skills include Tiffany Grant and Tristan MacAvery, who reprise their roles as Asuka Soryu and Gendo Ikari, respectively. Other returning voice cast include Allison Rose as Aoi, Michelle Dunphy as Yuri Furikawa, along with newcomer Ben Hales as Shinji Ikari.

   In addition, profiles of each of the EVA 3-D meshes have been added to the multimedia section, to give the reader an idea what kind of thought goes into the design and construction of the models used for our animation. As always, comments are welcome.

[5/26/2006] RE-LAUNCH   

   Those readers familiar with this website may have noticed a radical change recently. As you can see, an entirely new webdesign has been implemented, with the intent of giving this site a cleaner, more professional look whilst also making navigation much easier. In the process of this upgrade, some changes have been made to the actual story as well. The distribution of episodes and episode volumes has been fixed (from seemingly random order to 2 episodes per volume and 1 episode per special) and while the actual content of the story has not been changed, many of the early episodes have been re-written, and some of the imagery has been redone. Take your time to look around, and check out some of the new surprises that are in store.

   In the interest of furthering the cause of EVA fanfiction, we have affiliated with Evafics.org, the largest standalone archive of Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfiction on the internet. It has come to my attention over the years since creating this site that many anime fans are introduced to EVA fanfiction through EVA-R, so it seemed prudent to open up an avenue by which they may further explore and, perhaps, contribute to the medium.

   You may also take note of the "EMAIL AUTHOR" link below--feel free to direct any comments and/or questions you may have thusly (Keeping in mind that you should first take a look at the "What is EVA-R?" section for our small FAQ before sending an email).

   One final note--This site is designed to be viewed at a minimum resolution of 1024x768. It has been designed for both Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox 1.5 and greater. That being said, the preferred browser for this site is IE6, for no other reason than that it provides enhanced transition and layering effects.

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