What Is Neon Evangelion: R?

What is EVA-R?

     In short, EVA-R is an original "fan fiction" or "fan novel" based on Gainax's original television series Shinseiki Evangelion, taken to a creative extreme.  Originally launched on March 8, 1998, EVA-R is our way, as fans, to pay homage to the talented and creative people behind Neon Genesis Evangelion, on both sides of the globe.  This is the most sincere form of expression, for us, of our gratitude and respect for GAINAX co. Ltd, Mr Hideaki Anno, Mr Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, and for the Cast and production Crew of ADV.  Our intention? To better understand the creative process it takes to realize so vast and complex a vision as GAINAX undertook, while exploring the unanswered and sometimes unasked questions that lay within the original series itself. 

Is EVA-R an Official Continuation?

     Surprisingly, I still get asked this question often, and the answer is no. EVA-R has no affiliation with Gainax Co., LTD, ADVision, or Manga entertainment.
Please note that EVA-R is in no way an attempt to rewrite, add to, or otherwise distort EVA canon. It is an exercise in creative expression, one that serves as a multifaceted context for the fan-fiction, fan-art, music, and animation we have produced that is inspired by the series. We are merely fans exploring the concepts and possibilities behind a show that, we feel, perhaps ended a bit sooner than it should or could have.

So What is This Site About?

     EVA-R is presented in what is called an annotated screenplay format,with discriptive passages interspersed between segments of character dialogue. It was done this way for a number of reasons. Firstly, it was easy to capture the flow of the series, which is a TV show after all. Secondly, as you may have noticed, EVA-R is more than just the fanfiction. It is also various forms of multimedia--images, music, and even animated sequences that we produce to help bring our little story to life. By having the story in a script format, it makes the story's transference to these different mediums much easier. Please note, however, that we are NOT producing EVA-R as an animated series. Such an undertaking would require vast amounts of time, money, and effort that we do not have. To say nothing of the fact that do not own the rights to do so.

So Where did all This Media Come From?

     Everything you see on this site, from the art and animation to the musical compositions, are entirely original. Nothing on EVA-R has been copied, scanned, or similarly duplicated from existing copyrighted material. As such, we ask that you do not hotlink images (bandwidth is expensive, and EVA-R gets some mad traffic). We also ask that you refrain from taking any of our images for posting on your website without first seeking permission.

     As always, we hope you enjoy this work, which we have endeavored to produce in the highest quality

-m0dus Productions