December 2007 Headshots



Kawaii Con '08 pictures:



Taken at Kawaii Con 2008:

-Two Asukas Redux!


Taken at Anime Central '07 with Shinichi "Nabeshin" Watanabe



Taken at Anime North '07 with Corinne Orr ("Trixie")



July 2003 :




All Business (1996):





NanDesuKan 2004:




Taken at NanDesuKan '04:

-The World's Smallest Fan! (say it together now: "Aaaaaw!")



8 x 10  Glossy Pictures:





AKA KON '01 pictures:




Taken at AKA Kon '01:

-Two Asukas!?







Taken at Anime Weekend Atlanta '00:

-The top image is Tiffany, disguised as Chocolate with Peter Fernandez
  (Speed Racer)

-On the second from the top left is Tiffany with Peter and Corinne

-The bottom pics:  Asuka and Rei disguised as fans . . . or the other way

- All this, in
addition to another Chocolate!


OTAKON '98 pictures:






Taken at Otakon '98:    

-The top right is Tiffany, en plug suit with Voice Actor Michael Brady-   
 (voice of "Crusher Joe")   

-On the top left is Tiffany posing with a girl named Tikki (in the Unit 05
  costume) and another Asuka!  

-The bottom pic:  Asuka and Shinji reunited at last!  er . . . sort of . . .   
  the fellow on the right is, in  fact, a judge at the cosplay . . ^_^  



Akon '98 pictures:




Taken at Akon '98:    

-Top: Taken by Roger O'Connor of Anime Radio, Tiffany, as Asuka!  

-The picture in the middlet was taken outside, for her interview.
(The Con had been evacuated when a fire alarm was sounded!) 

-The bottom pic: Tiffany in the middle, between Amy Howard ( "Nova"
from Starblazers ) and "the Golden Boy" (of Golden Boy!) Doug Smith. 








Well, not really. But quite the striking likeness in this shot, eh?