Truant Pixel, LLC ----- Truant Pixel is a limited liability corporation based in Ohio that specializes in independent game development, GUI customization, graphic design and consulting for online, interactive entertainment and emerging media.

In addition to numerous independent projects, we have worked for a variety of clients, including Sony Computer Entertainment, SEGA of America, Konami, Massive Bear Studios, Flashman Games, Lions Gate Entertainment, and Naughty Dog Interactive.

Truant Pixel is:

Maher Al-Samkari - President, Lead Artist View Maher Al-Samkari's profile on LinkedIn

Souha Al-Samkari - Vice President, Artist View Souha Al-Samkari's profile on LinkedIn

Ian Robinette - Lead Programmer, CTO View Ian Robinette's profile on LinkedIn

Please consider this website but a small sampling of our work - it is not all-inclusive, given the variety of media (online, offline, and specialized) that we work with. For specific queries, general questions, or requests for quotes, please refer to the 'contact us' link provided above. Copyright (c) Truant Pixel, LLC